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An extra special giveaway!

A Faery Dream Final 1 MEDIUM (1).JPG

Twelve months ago I was celebrating the release of my very first ebook - A Faery Dream.

I remember the excitement of receiving my first contract - squealing and jumping around the room and hugging my kids who were wondering what madness had overtaken their mother (my husband had already left for work when the email came through).

When it came out, it was a momentous occasion for me - I've dreamt of being a published author for as long as I can remember - and now, 12 months later virtually to the day, I'm here to celebrate the release of my third ebook- Erotic Writer Seeks Men.

I had big plans for this week - a huge giveaway to be drawn today - the prize a copy of both A Faery Dream and Erotic Writer... but a new baby and poor internet connection have meant that it hasn't happened yet.

But better late than never.

Leave a comment below before 7pm Monday 18th August (Australian Eastern Standard Time) for your chance to win a copy of both ebooks in your preffered format (I have .mobi for Kindle, epub and PDF versions available).

Two runners up will also receive an copy of Erotic Writer Seeks Men.

So please, come and say hello! :)

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