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Groundskeeper Wanted


When husband-and-wife Nick and Harper place an ad for an extra worker around their 100 acre eco-bed and breakfast, Nick jokes they might finally find someone to act out Harper's fantasy of a threesome.

Neither of them expect that the one applicant perfect for the job also happens to be Harper's childhood sweetheart, Cliff.

Time has only made those feelings stronger, but sharing Harper was never in Cliff's plans.

Can Harper convince Cliff to give it a try, and keep both her men? Or are threesomes better kept as a fantasy inside her head?



“Fifteen years is a long time. It’s almost half our lifetime. I bet you don’t remember everything about me.”

Cliff set his dessert down on the deck and twisted so he was facing her. “I remembered your flowers,” he said.


“Nick had to tell you their name,” Harper pointed out.


“True. But I remembered what they looked like. I could’ve found out by searching the internet or visiting a florist, instead of asking your husband. And I remembered your favourite dessert.”


“You did.” Harper smiled. “And cooked it to perfection.”


“And I remember that your birthday is the fifth of April. And you prefer smaller, more intimate parties, with a few close friends, rather than big parties with every possible acquaintance.”


She nodded.


He reach out to tuck her hair behind her ear. “I remember that you cried when you got your ears pierced, more from the shock of the piercing guns than the actual pain, and that your mum bought you an icecream afterwards to make you feel better.”


Harper blushed. It was so long since she’d thought of that time.


“I remember how you looked the first day I saw you, the very first day of high school. All geeky and cute in your over-sized school uniform, with your chunky fringe, and skinny ankles.”


“What?” Harper giggled. “How can you remember that?”


He shrugged. “That’s the day I fell in love with you.”

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