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Steamy Second Chances

Steamy Second Chances.jpg

Secret babies, first loves, childhood sweethearts, school reunions, best friends brothers, enemies to lovers, unrequited love…
Second chances always make the best new beginnings.
Starting afresh, seeing each other in a new way, growing up-in more ways than one, that's what second chance romance is all about.

Steamy Second Chance's contains 11 sexy short stories, each one exploring a different second chance romance.

A Sizzling Reunion
One Hot Halloween
Blind Date
My Best Friend's Brother
Long Lost Love
First Love, Second Chance
Unrequited Love, Requited
My Long Lost Baby Daddy
Taking Chances
Sleeping with a Soldier

*Note: every story is complete in itself, and all of them except 'A Sizzling Reunion' have a HEA.

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