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The Pittsburgh Collection

Comprising 13 stories previously published in the Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette, and an excerpt from both 'Erotic Writer Seeks Men' and 'Handyman Wanted'. The Pittsburgh Collection is a collection of short erotic fiction, bound to pique the libido, and send you looking for more.

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“Hey stranger.”

Bella’s eyes opened with a start.


“Cooper! What are you doing here? I didn’t hear anyone come in.” She glanced at the gate to confirm it was shut. It had creaked and clanged the entrance and exit of every pool-goer all afternoon and now, when she was sure she was alone, it had let in an interloper without a sound of warning.


He laughed. “Promise I wasn’t sneaking.”


She smiled at the mischievous twinkle in his brown eyes, admired the well toned muscles of his chest and arms, the stubble on his chin. He’d grown up, and it had only improved his looks. She wondered how the rest of him

had matured.


“It’s been a long time,” she said.


“It has.” A pause. “You here with anyone?”


Bella shook her head. She knew what he was asking, and it wasn’t about the group of girlfriends sleeping off the heat in their air-conditioned room.




“A few mates,” he said. “Bachelor party.”


“Who’s the lucky fella?”


“Not me.” He laughed again, a deep chuckle, and Bella realised how much she’d missed the sound. His face turned serious. “I think I missed that opportunity a long time ago.”


“Join me in the pool?” Bella didn’t want to think of times past or lost chances. She was grateful for the lessons they provided, but now she preferred to focus on the future.


“Thought you’d never ask.”


Bella dived in first, gliding some distance under the water before surfacing to take a breath. The day had been hot with record breaking temperatures, and the night still retained the day’s warmth, but that wasn’t what set Bella’s temperature soaring now.


“So…” Bella wondered if he’d make a move.




The silence lingered, broken by nervous laughter.


“It’s good seeing you again,” she said, treading water.


“You too.”


Bella couldn’t hold back any longer and swam forward, wrapping her arms around Cooper’s neck. He feigned weakness, disappearing under the water, pulling her down with him.


“Hey!” Bella slapped his shoulder when they resurfaced.


“Hey yourself,” he said. “Trying to drown a man like that… should be a law against it.”


They both laughed, but when their eyes met again Cooper’s mouth crushed hers.


“We were good together, weren’t we?” he said as he released her lips.


“Oh, we were.” Bella brought her body close to his, felt those muscles firm against her breasts, his erection through his shorts. She rocked her hips, rubbing herself against his length, grinning as his eyes widened.

Everywhere else:
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