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Handyman Wanted

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Sally is new to the area, and she’s not only looking for love but also someone capable of helping out around the five-acre property she now calls home.


In a moment of desperation, she places an advertisement on the local online buy/swap/sell page: “Handyman Wanted; preferably single ;)”


Ryan is in an open relationship with the love of his life, Nathan. Both bi, they keep their relationship open  to allow them to sleep with women if the opportunity arises, but also as a cover—Nate’s been hurt by homophobia before, and he fears the locals knowing the truth about his and Ryan’s relationship.


When Ryan and Sally meet, there is an instant attraction. It doesn’t take much to convince Sally to join the men for a threesome—just for fun. Though Ryan is keen to make things more permanent, it takes a near tragedy for Sally and Nate to move past their fears and discover their feelings for each other.

Handyman Wanted is the second in the Seeking Satisfaction series. Find out more about the first in the series: Erotic Writer Seeks Men and the third, Truckie Needed.


*Each book in the series is standalone - you don't need to have read the first to understand what's happening in the second.


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“Seeking Handyman for odd jobs on small property, incl. fencing and heavy lifting. Pref. Single ;)”

Sally clicked ‘post’ and closed the lid of the laptop. That was cheeky. The buy/swap/sell boards were not there to elicit sexual partners, but she was bored, and those dating sites were useless. Besides, she needed to hire someone to help with all the problems she’d discovered since moving in two months earlier.

She didn’t see why she couldn’t catch two birds with one stone. At least this way if something developed she’d know he wasn’t useless like her other ‘matches’ had been.

* * * *

Sally wiped the sweat from her brow. Chopping wood in the midst of an Aussie summer was far from the smartest move, but with a combustion stove her only source of cooking, heating, and hot water she had little choice. A long cold winter had been predicted, and if the shed wasn’t full by the start of it, the season would be bleak indeed.

She lifted another piece of wood onto the chopping block, swung the axe and, whack, split it in two. She picked up the pieces, throwing the smaller piece into the wheelbarrow and returning the larger to be split again.

When the wheelbarrow was full, she heaved it up the slope to the small wood shed, taking the wood—a piece in each hand—and adding it to the ever-growing stack, stopping occasionally to take a much-needed drink from her water bottle.

There was one thing this was good for. She wouldn’t need to pay to go to a gym anymore; all muscles exercised free! She wondered if people would pay for that sort of workout if she advertised it, and laughed.

No one silly enough to do this but me. She glanced down at the slowly diminishing log pile and sighed. And it’s certainly not going to do itself.



By evening the log pile was halved, and her shed now boasted a floor-to-roof stack of wood.

Sally poured herself a much-needed wine and carried her dinner to the computer desk. She opened her laptop and brought up her inbox. Six new messages, nice. All were responses to her post:

“Wish I were single, and a handyman. Good luck, love. ;)”

“This is not appropriate for this page. There could be children viewing this!”

Sally rolled her eyes. “Get over it,” she muttered. But the next person defended her:

“There’s nothing explicit here, just your filthy mind.”

Then another from the offended woman:

“I’ve reported this. You should all be ashamed.”

The next email came from the group admin, confirming Sally’s post had been deleted and warning her that any similar content could result in her being banned from the group.

“Spoil sports.” She sighed and took another sip of wine. She’d have to find some other way to meet a man.

But just as she was about to close her inbox another email came through:

“re Handyman ad.”

Sally opened it.

“Hi, saw your ad on the Red Hills buy/swap/sell site. I’m local, have references. Not exactly single but I am in an open relationship ;) Hope that works for you? - Ryan.”

Intrigued, Sally clicked on the link to Ryan’s profile. He certainly looked the part, close cut beard, shaggy hair. Hot. But when she checked out his details his relationship status read ‘In a relationship with Nat.’ Nothing about an open relationship at all. She clicked on Nat’s profile. There was no identifying information; even her profile picture was just a close-up of a rose.

She opened his message and replied.

“Your profile doesn’t say anything about an open relationship,” she typed. “You know they’ve made that an option, these days?”

It didn’t take long for the three dots to appear and in moments he’d replied:

“Guess you don’t know this area well. To admit to being in an open relationship would be social suicide.”

Sally frowned.

“So how do I know you’re telling the truth and not just cheating on Nat?”

Nothing. Sally crossed her arms. Typical.

But then Nat was added to the conversation, and the three dots appeared again.

“Nat, are we in an open relationship?”

Another three dots.


“And can I go and do handyman work for Sally?”

“You can go and do any work you like *wink* Btw Sal, he’s very skilled. Wouldn’t pass up this opportunity if I were you.”



Luminosity                                       Amazon                                       Smashwords


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