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Janet & Tam Lin

What if the one place you were warned never to go, was the one place all your dreams came true?

Janet is keen to experience a man, and when her father gives her Carterhaugh, land haunted by the fairy man, Tam Lin, Janet seizes her chance.


But Tam Lin's pleasures come with a price, and when Janet falls pregnant it seems she has only two, equally awful, choices-marry one of her father's stuffy old knights, or take a herb to expel the baby.


When Tam Lin offers her a third choice, she grabs it.


Facing the Queen of Fairy is terrifying at the best of times, worse when you're trying to steal away her favourite Knight.


Can Janet pass the Queen's tests and save the true father of her child, or will she be forced to make a choice that leaves her feeling ill, either way?


This is a short and sexy retelling of the Ballad of Tam Lin.


“I’ve never felt so full.” Innis’ words were so loud Janet could hear them in the hallway, and she paused at the door to the parlour, intending to burst in and chastise the maidservant for it.


“He was so big! I’ve never seen one so big in all me life.”


Janet hesitated. Her maid had knowledge of a man’s person? Janet pressed her ear at the door, desperate to hear more.


There was giggling, and Innis’ companion said something too quiet for Janet to hear.


“Oh, aye, he was good. If you get a chance, you’ve got to have a go. He’s skilled, he is. And you know how they always like you on your knees? Well, he went down on me.” Innis’ voice finally hushed, but it was still loud enough for Janet to hear. “Good Lord, I’ve never experienced anything like it. Felt like me head exploded.”


What were they talking about? ‘Went down’, whatever that meant. An image popped into Janet’s mind, a man with his face much too close to her privates. She felt a stirring in her groin.


What was this? She’d first felt it when she came across some of the young men from the village, swimming in the lake. She shouldn’t have been there, but it was so stuffy in the library at this time of year, and her tutor preferred to hide himself in books rather than interact in any sociable way.


She couldn’t even get a smile out of him.


She’d sneaked out, just for a moment, to take a stroll around the lake. She’d not ever considered there might be others using the lake at this time of day.


The men she'd seen wore nothing at all – even their persons were exposed, and Janet couldn’t keep her eyes off them; such a strange appendage, emerging from a tuft of dark hair similar to her own, flopping about as the men ran into the water.


Her cleft tingled and Janet just wanted to touch it, imagining those young men again without their shorts, their flaccid appendages jiggling about.


“Janet! What do you think you are doing?”


Mother’s voice echoed down the hallway and ripped Janet back to the present. She jumped away from the door, hands swinging automatically behind her back, shoulders straight, chin out. Inside the room the maids fell silent.

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